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To experience Gary Carmody Conway's vineyard inspired paintings and landscapes of terroir -- v i n e y a r d   s e r i e s  LINK HERE 



To experience Gary Carmody Conway's art for his film, Woman's Story LINK HERE 



By the Lake



In the Past


Winter Light                                                                                                     Scattered Clouds



Ancient Sky



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         Beyond History




gary carmody conway

Gary was painting in earnest at the age of five. He was considered a child prodigy and was the youngest artist to win a major prize at the LA County Art Exhibition. Even before his teens, Gary was awarded scholarships to study art inthe leading Los Angeles art schools, and before age sixteen Gary was granted full scholarships to the three most prestigious art schools in the country.

Graduating from UCLA, he not only dedicated himself to fine art as a life long pursuit, but also went on to become an accomplished violinist who appeared at the Hollywood Bowl, and an architect whose work has been featured in Design West. He is a Renaissance man for our time (in fact he was awarded Renaissance Man of the Year at the Paso Robles Film Festival).

His remarkable talents expanded to include TV star, and it was in television where he became recognized worldwide, first with the leading role in the TV series Burke's Law. While on this classic series he had the rare opportunity to work with a grand array of legendary stars of the silver screen, from Mary Astor, to Bette Davis, to Gloria Swanson, to ZaZu Pitts.

Gary followed Burke’s Law with Land of the Giants, considered the most successful program ever produced on a worldwide basis. Besides starring in series and a multitude of episodic television shows and pilots, he starred in many motion pictures. He had leading roles and production credits in The Farmer, Black Gunn, Once is Not Enough, to name a few.

Gary became highly regarded as a screenwriter and wrote the scripts for such popular films as Over the Top, as well as the highly successful American Ninja series. He also originated films scripts for such stars as Laurence Harvey,Catherine Dueneve and Eddie Murphy.

Gary Conway Carmody in front of one of his paintings

The land, the firmament, the tectonic forces...

Painting was always essential to Gary Carmody Conway; the passion and commitment never waned. He knew instinctively the road to painting maturity was long and arduous and painting technique itself was only the beginning. Gary built his present studio and gallery in the middle of his vineyard in the Central Coast of California. The artist first beheld the idyllic beauty of this land -- “the sublime light” -- aboard a helicopter moments before it crashed. Emerging from the wreckage, Gary exclaimed to the still stunned real estate broker, “I'm going to buy this place!” This is the stuff of legends; and, indeed, in the ensuing years the vineyard and its supersoils and textbook microclimates are legendary by way of Carmody McKnight Estate Wines.

The story of Gary’s odyssey with the land, Art of the Vineyard, has been published by the prestigious Journey Editions of the Charles E. Tuttle Company. Besides authoring Art of the Vineyard, the book includes over a hundred of Gary's brilliant landscapes which are indicative of his outstanding reputation as an artist.

Art of the Vineyard has received overwhelming praise from all quarters of the country. Connie Martinson on her television show Let's Talk Books, said, "Gary's Art of the Vineyard would be a wonderful book on its own let alone an extraordinary book of art." In a review in New Times and on PBS, his work was described as "magnificent, exhilarating, vibrating, extraordinary." In the review in Booklist, perhaps the most significant in the publishing industry, his book and its art were referred to as "vivid, nearly neon color palette...the images demonstrate the human capacity tolove, desire, create, and persevere...a rendering of Conway's passion."

The SLO art critic, Glen Starkey, voiced the opinion shared by many others, when he commented in his review of Gary’s art that “his work is influenced by the landscapes of Richard Diebenkorn, although Gary’s palette is much brighter. His vineyard series features verdant greens, wild magentas, shimmering yellows, rich blues, warm reds and oranges... even the palette of the French impressionists were perhaps not as bright as Conway’s. His paintings are positively dazzling with color. And his compositions are simple yet effective.”

Recently, Gary wrote and directed the film Woman's Story.  LINK to trailer from the film.  Woman's Story is already being heralded as: “an extraordinary film... a stunning filmmaking achievement... with such artistry that it becomes a genuine work of art. The look of the film is much like a great painting.”  Critics and writers around the country are calling the film "amazing," "a shining moment," "tremendous," "awesome," “fantastic.”  For Gary, the film is indeed an extension of his painting as well as articulating a vital social message.  Gary painted forty-five art works in relation to the film and women's themes.  LINK to Gary's art work for Woman's Story.

Portrait of Erin Gray in Woman's Story

Gary’s vibrant paintings always imbue art not only with a sense of place but also a sense of the evolving universe. His landscapes dwell before and beyond time… but always the land, the firmament, the tectonic forces. His landscapes as well as his figurative art and portraits search the essence of our precious earth... and its mystery.







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