“... here where enormous sundowns flower and burn through color to quietness.”

From the mountains of the Santa Lucias, Gary Carmody Conway paints the vibrant and noble landscape with the authority of one who has become inseparable with its organic wholeness. The creative energy of the art is indivisible with the creative energy of the artist, who invites us to see the world in a rapture of color infused with the eternal, turbulent forces intrinsic to our humanity.

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t h e  a r t  o f  g a r y  c a r m o d y  c o n w a y

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t h e  v i n e y a r d  s e r i e s









 Gary’s vibrant paintings always imbue art with not only a sense of place but also a sense of the evolving universe. His landscapes dwell before and beyond time… but always the land, the firmament, the tectonic forces. His landscapes as well as his figurative art and portraits search the essence of our precious earth... and its mystery.











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Where is this wondrous land? You will discover it. . .
North of Los Angeles, South of San Francisco... and East of Eden
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