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Many millions of years ago, titanic forces of evolution pushed and pulled from deep within the mantle of the earth to form a mountain range we now call the Santa Lucias. Another smaller fracture erupted while an inland sea was cut off from the great ocean, finally forming a valley of marine deposits overrun from the fiery volcanic rock seeping down from this rupture.

So a valley was created, unlike any vineyard land…the valley of Carmody McKnight, where the soils possess a wondrous combination of limestone, montmorillonite (“the wonder soil"), and volcanic rock. In our time, this is now a legendary place, unique on this earth. The vineyards of Carmody McKnight seem miraculous, but science explains the geological marvel.

The estate wine from vines where roots explore rare mineral earth breached from cataclysmic events eons ago, testify to the perfection of super soils and sublime climate. Astonishingly, even though our wine possesses more nutrients and minerals than any in the world, fertilization has never been necessary in the vineyard – the ultimate expression of “terroir”!

gift of the ages

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Where is this wondrous land? You will discover it. . .
North of Los Angeles, South of San Francisco... and East of Eden
11240 Chimney Rock Road, Paso Robles, C A 93446